• Take some ginger wash it thoroughly peel the skin of ginger now grind it and take juice from the paste now use that juice and mix 1 tablespoon honey and some paper in it now you can use this mixture directly for better result take 1 spoon at a time
  • Take a glass of water boil it, now add some grated ginger to the boiling water now you can use some jaggery and add in the boiling water now the herbal tea is ready to drink use this tea twice a time in a day.
  • Take a glass of water boil it at low medium now add some Jeera [cumin] wait for the water to change colour of it after that add some tulsi [basil] leaf in boiling water and add some ginger in it, now off the gas and filter the mixture into glass after it cool add some honey into it now you can use this drink twice in a day for better result drink it before going to bed
  • Take a bowl full of boil water add some vicks vaporub in it now face the bowl place a towel over the back of your head to form a tent now inhale this steam for 5 min you feel much better after doing this

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hi, I am shivanand Acharya and i would like to help you with my easy home remedy tips and tricks


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